Interexim - ABOUT US


We have first started trading scrap metal in Romania in 1998. Later we increased our trading volume in countries like Lebanon, Algeria, Ukraine and Russia. As of today with our new Dubai office, we will be continuing our operations from United Arab Emirates. With experienced and highly dedicated professionals we are now in the business trading production metal and agricultural products besides scrap metal in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Being one of the newest, most dynamic and fast-moving trade companies of UAE, we work with different suppliers from all around the world. And we sell their products to the biggest iron and steel factories of Turkey. That is why we have a respectful background especially in scrap metal and production metal.

As for the agricultural products our profession is wheat, barley, corn and sunflower. We provide exactly what is ordered from the countries of the Black Sea.

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers and that is why we offer the best service with the best timing. We aim for 100% client satisfaction excluding the circumstances. Because we know that two most important things in business are Time and Trust.

Company is registered (Nr. DMCC63674) & licensed (Nr. DMCC-215930) as a FREEZONE Company under the Rules & Regulations of DMCCA.